TRAHA MMORPG For Android & iOS + Download Link

A new next gen mmorpg by nexon available on mobile devices

*Game is in korean & japanese language

Game is powered by unreal engine 4

At the start, players will need to choose between 2 alliances before proceeding into character creation. There are 4 main characters to choose from and each has their own sub-classes i.e Rogue, Berserker, Warrior or Archer

In depth detailed character customization like never before, everything that needs in a typical mmo

Never ending open world field to explore endlessely

ultimate visuals one of the best looking MMORPG ever created on mobile

PvP with 1 on 1 or 3 on 3, alot of dungeons & good story to carry on

There are also non-combat features in the game that could enrich your experience. Players can fish, cook and craft which can be mastered as non-combat roles like Cook, Blacksmith, Craftsman, Explorer and many more. Food that were cooked to provide consumables that boosts or buffs your character.

Size is about 5GB & data usage about 8.8GB


*its region & ip blocked download solovpn from playstore or any other vpn (set it to south korea or japan depending on the game & download the files) to access or it’ll show error, after you enter in the game you can turn off the vpn if you want it’ll reconnect & fine


Japanese:- korean-

Apk direct download-



or (will require their app apkpure to extract)