Tower of Fantasy Release (Android & iOS) Info + Download Links

Tower of fantasy (Chinese version has been released)

Beautiful in-depth anime style customization..(you can change if anytime in-game)

Immersive open world! Game uses UE4

Alot of different weapons & vehicles which can be switched in real-time

Size is about 5.42GB

*you can login through bilibili account for android (its easy to create through your local number, just choose your country code then add your number & type in the code you receive) once you create that you can login directly/it won’t ask for any chinese name verification & stuff

For iOS there is an apple id options (but I used wechat & it asked for chinese name verification & number, you need to search up & try some fake one’s, it might not work sometimes)

Download Links:-


iOS- (change your appstore country to china by adding fake info & Download directly, game might require chinese name verification)

Hope you find the post useful