Tower of Fantasy Game Full Info & Links

Tower of Fantasy is an Upcoming Anime style mmorpg!

This new mmorpg is developed by Hotta Studios! It’s actually their first game

Customization like never before.. create your favourite anime like character & you can actually change em anytime in game whenever you want it’ll cost you certain in-game coins.. male or female option you have to choose at start, which can’t be changed.

They recently updated the graphics & did better optimization
2500*2500 seamless open world with top notch graphics & animation

Jetpacks, grappling, Skateboards, air combat, change different weapons in real-time, slow-mo battles are some of the unique features…

*Game is still under expect many additional stuff & improvement

*it’ll be available for both pc & mobile devices, I’m not sure about other platforms they haven’t mentioned anything about release date either but chinese release expected this year..

Download Links:-

*currently you can Pre-Register on taptap:-

Or taptap global:-

Or taptap chinese (it’ll get updated first):-

Game will have beta on April 15- 21st

You can sign up for that (it’ll be for limited players, randomly choosen):-

( translate the page to understand & you’ll require taptap Id)

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