Top 8 Best Parkour Games For Android & iOS

These are all the best Parkour games available on mobile devices (Android & iphone)

Let us see all games 1 by 1

*These games can be played offline without internet connection

1)Parkour Race (FREE):-

Controls are easy you just have to slide from left to right & it’ll jump/leap/land automatically 

Size of the game is about 142MB



2)Velocity Rush (FREE):- 

First person Parkour demo, Currently with 3 stage & 1 endless mode game is under work 

Game is under development stage & will be released soon on playstore

Size of the game is about 40MB

Dev YouTube channel:-

If you wanna catch up with the lasted upload & info visit his channel

The one I played you can download the apk (Android) from the devs website:-

3)Time Crash (PAID):-

Jump/slide/use ziplines/wall run & bash door & vault your way in this unique Parkour experience

You can unlock time bending power to dash/rewind

Size of the game is about 100MB



4)Vector 2 (FREE):-

Your in a research facility you gotta run for your life 

Basic commands are Swiping up & down for jumping & sliding

Size of the game is about 98MB




A new Parkour based game with sci-fi style

You can even attack/block with dodge option + alot of weapons

Coming Soon:-

6)Ninja Pizza Girl (PAID):-

Your a pizza delivery girl

Run/jump/slide & reach your destination on time

Size of the game is about 865MB


7)Tetrun: Parkour Mania (FREE):-

Endless unique Parkour game

As you progess further you can unlock different Parkour based moves

Climb to the top 

Size of the game is about 72MB



8)Hot Lava (Apple Arcade):-

Place is filled with lava, run/jump/climb & sift to reach your destination & complete the mission

You can play alone or with your friends in multiplayer

Size of the game is about 3GB


Thanks for reading! Do check my other post you might find some cool games to play.