All new battle royale games of this year 2019 pubg has been quite a hit since it came been no 1 in dozen of countries playstore/appstore, battle royale genre has been booming down lately br after br games are getting on & on one of the top developers that provide is of course the netease also most of the games i have feature in it are developed by them i was lucky enough to get my hands on each of those, let just jump right into the games 1 by 1

*Game is not rankwise

1)Super Mecha Champions:-

A new game by netease which got recently released, a cool looking battle royale actually an anime manga style art .

controls are flawless with jump/roll buttons in there, no you cant drive cars in those but well you get replacement is a mech thats what the name goes yeah it can transform into a mech for battlle once your gauge reaches 100% you get a chance to choose from different different mechs & can change at will isn’t that great?!

Different weapons like on fortnite, team up & play with you friends a game definitely worth to check on

Size:- 1.8GB

language:- English


Download Link:-




Another battle royale game yes by same developer netease with awesome graphics & consist of characters each with different super powers

This one got really awesome graphics need a really good spec device to play on & unlike the previous super mech champions with manga art style this one provides more realistic experience. In this you get different characters to choose from each one has it own super powers

you can play with your team it only has third person mode, the newest br game of netease (current cbt got closed)

language:- chinese & pre-registration for english one

Size:- 1.3GB

Android (cbt going on for limited users need activation code)-

Pre-register for English version:-

3)Cyber Hunter:-

Another new netease game yes third in a row this got art style same as like fortnite

unlike other this one is globally released you can download directly from your playstore & appstore also in this you can drive cars, it got two character it doesnt have any super power or anything like previous game i mentioned but it include all gliding, jumping, rolling part also it got a lite version of the game so the one who cant play with their device can install lite version with low minimum requirements

graphics look lovely controls are flawless worth to check on

Size:- 1.2GB

Language:- English


lite Version:-


4)Eclispe Isle:-

This one is not the usual battle royale game as you might have played its a game like swordman X

In this game basically you dont use guns you use bow, you dont melee other people with hands you use your sword & slash em up, different characters do have different fighting style in this games you gather health kit/huting bow & other stuff same as other game but in order to activate your sword ability you first have to go to the stone which are available at houses & activate manually other than that in this you can ride horses to travel from distance really cool different br game worth to look on

Game was also known as operation storm island x which was in chinese now eclipse isle is an english version currenly cbt got over

Language:- English

Size:- 1.1GB

cbt recently got over, pre-register so you don’t miss:-

5)Ride Out Heroes:-

A new recent battle royale game by netease which got english version it got different classes & skill sets

A cool fantasy type in which to travel along you gotta hop on dynosaurs to travel places unlike other one the twist is while you get knocked out in this your tuned into a chicken till you’re knocked out completed you can run & hide your healths keep regenerating so yeah you get a chance till the end also you dont have to find a ride you summon your mount whenever you feel like

its available on couple countries & other can pre-register

Language:- English

Size:- 1.1GB



6)Call Of Duty Mobile:-

& finally the game changer by tencent a new call of duty game for mobile here

This game has both team regular fps matches + battle royale mode also a zombie mode which is coming soon. so you can play it as normal fps team death match or battle royale but in battle royale it got both FPP (first person perspective) + TPP (third person perspective) note this two options are only avialbe in battle royale not in regular team matches

there is a zombie mode which will be availble soon but i tried on early access before its a coop zombie mode you can play with friends or random player to defeat zombie get through levels & defeat the boss

Game is pretty much like apex legends in battle royale mode with almost same character power like that heath power/knowing enemy location & others

Definitely one of the best games on mobile softlauched on particular countires & the one who can really compete pubg mobile

language:- English

Size:- 3.3GB