Top 20 Best PPSSPP RPG For Android + Download Links

Best PPSSP (PSP) Emulator based rpg games for android & windows

*Games are not rankwise

1) Poplocrois

Its about a 10 year old prince who needs a way to find his wake up his sleeping mom

You’ll be able to pick different charactes, battles are turn based

Size is about 838MB

Download Link:-

2).Hack//Link (English Patched)

Action RPG exclusive for japan, this version is English Patched

Cool moves, different weapons & combos to finish off the enemy

Size is about 669Mb

Download Link:-

3)Jeanne D’Arc

Your city has been taken over by demons, you have to defeat them all

Battle are tactical turn based, amazing animations like anime with voice over

Size is about 657MB

Download Links:-

4)Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology

You’re the hero awakened to save the world,
More fame you gain more characters you can recruit
Create a strong team & complete all the quest, battles are real time based 

Size is about 325MB

Download Link:-


You wake up in a starnge world without any memories of past & find yourselves to forced to fight for survival

You’re a typical highschool student,battle will be turn based

Size is about 781MB

Download Link:-

6)Phantasy Star Portable 2

It takes place after 3 of the first part, now humans have defeated the SEED

Game is an action RPG

Cool animations & story

Size is about 770MB

Download Links:

7)Ys Seven

Game is an ARPG, Adol & Dogi has the reached the kingdom fot adventure, however they faced many problems on their way & help to stop the 5 dragons

Party can have upto 3 Character at a time

Size is about 420MB

Download Link:-

8)God’s Eater Burst

One of the most popular action RPG, with over 100mission

A game definitely worth to check

Size is about 900MB

Download Link:-

9)Valhalla Knight

Story of a youth to find his lost memories & determine the future of this forsaken land

There are 4 classes, mage/fighter/priest/thief

Size is about 116MB

Download Link:-

10)Brave Story: New Traveler

tastsuya goes to journey for adventure in order to restore the health of her friend

Battles are turn basrd

Size is about 136MB

Download Link:-

11)Kingdom Hearts:- Birth By sleep

Story revolves around 3 main character terra, aqua & ventus it’s prequel to the original kingdom heart which takes place 10 years prior

Hack & slash with cool skills & combos

Size is about 1.3GB

Download Link:-

12)Tales of Eternia
Follows the story of a young man named Reid who found a mysterious girl & the adventure begins..

Size is about 564MB

Download Link:-

13)Kingdom of Paradise

The mc has been exiled from his clan, a surviving disciple tracks him to tell that clan has been destroyed

Its an action rpg

Size is about 768MB

Download Link:-

14)Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Game allows you to choose between Claude & Rena
One the journey Claude meets Rena who mistakes him for the hero of light & the jouney begins..

Size is about 826MB

Download link:-

15)Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Youre a HighSchool student who  joins in SEES, a group of people who investigates dark hour

Each player can summon a person’s by firing a gun like object to their head

Game allows to choose gender at start which possibly opens new scenarios & routes in the story

Size is about 839MB

Download Link:-

16)Lords of Arcana

An action role playjng game similar to monster hunter/gods eater burst style!

Size is about 639MB

Download Link:-

17)Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

You a charcater named Zack who is assigned to look for missing soldier’s, game storyline takes the player from the war between mega corporation & the people of wutai to the events in nibelheim

Size is about 1.1GB

Download Link:-

18)The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the sixth game in the Legend of Heroes meta-series, and the first of the Trails franchise.
There are many playable characters,
Battles are turn based.

Size is about 715MB

Download Link:-

19)Monster Hunter Portable 3

3rd installment of the popular minster hunter series, this is English Patched

So many cool weapons & monsters to face on

Size is about 1.1GB

Download Link:-

20)Riviera The Promise Land

A player take a role of ein who must fight demons to save the world, you’ll have companion along the way
Game is fully English dub & battles are turn based

Size is about 471MB

Download Link:-

21)Final Fantasy Type 0

One of the best looking psp game! An action RPG with over 14 characters
You can form a team of 3 & switch between them in realtime

Size is about 2GB

Download link:-

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