Top 18 Best Looking PPSSPP Games For Android / Windows + Download Links

Some of the best looking psp games witch you can play on emulator

Let see 1 by 1

1)3rd Birthday

One of the best graphically impressive game on psp

An 3rd person shooting RPG game, A girl with unique pre-divining ability

Size is about 1.2GB

Download Link:-

2)Obscure The Aftermath

A survival Horror game, you get drunk with friends & when you woke you you’re in a strange dark place

You can switch characters in between game, there are different weapons to deal with those strange being

Size is about 822MB

Download Link:-

3)Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

Anime based game on Naruto, game provide cool combos & skills

Game size is about 900MB

Download Link:-

4)Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

One of the best RPG series, with story/gameplay/fight all top notch

Size is about 1GB

Download Link:-

5)God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

full on action game, cool combos, grab & slam enemies alot of interesting bosses

Size is about 1.1GB

Download Links:-

6)Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Another action role playing game by square enix,

size is about 1.5Gb

Dowload Link:-

7)Kurohyou Ryu gotoku

A yakuza based game, fights are like “the warrior” game, currently onlynin japanese Language but playable

Size is about 1GB

Download Link:-

8)Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

third person shooter game with excellent graphics, playing with controller would be better for this to play with

Size is about 1.4GB

Download Link:-


A platformer game where you job is to exterminate bugs & story to find your friend jack

Size is about 1GB

Dowload Link:-

10)Dissidia 012

One of the best fighting game on psp by square enix

Size is about 1GB

Download Link:-

11) Digimon Re Diigitze

Game based on anime Digimon

open world game with really attractive graphics

Size is about 550MB

Download Link:-

13)Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tage Team

a tag team game based on dbz, does have story mode (will unlock new characters) + free battle I’m 3d

Size is about 1.2Gb

Download Link:-

14)Midnight Club lA Remix

Open world racing game with both day & night mode

Size is about 580MB

Dowoad link:-

15)Monster hunter Portable 3rd

an English patch of the monster Hunter, a huge open world monsted hunting game with alot different weapons available to buy & choose from

Size is about 1GB

16)Ultimate Naruto Ninja Heroes 3

Another Naruto game that deserve to be part of this list

free battle 2 on 2 + story mode, Characters can transform to their ultimate form in battle

Size is about 1.2GB

Download link:-

17)WWE All stars

Wwe based with everything is just over the top

the way the charcaters are buff same with their powers & special moves

Size is about 1.3GB

Download Links:-


A Japanese rpg

Interesting quest/bosses & weapons to choose

Size is about 1.2GB

Download Link:-

19)Final Fantasy type 0

On of the best looking final fantasy series on psp

english patch is available

You can switch between characters in game, Animation & story are real good

Size is about 2.1GB

Download link:-

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