Top 17 Best Action PPSSPP Games For Android/iOS/windows

All best action psp games that works perfectly fine of emulator

Let us see all the games 1 by 1

1)Deads To Right Reckoning:- 

A third person shooter with super low size & has slow motion effects like the game max payne

Size is about 100MB

Download Link:-

2)Prince of Persia Revelation

Third person action adventure by ubisoft, cool combos & free style battle 

Climb/jump/grab & slice through enemies 

Size is about 1.2GB

Download Link:-

3)Marvel nemesis:-

Marvel based 3d action fighting game

characters with their original special abilities

size is about 102MB

Download Link:-

4)3rd Birthday

Aliens are invading you’re sole hope 

Psp game with one of the best graphics providing alot of action with one special ability to swap through

Size is about 1.2GB

Download Link:-

5)Army Of Two

Top down shooter army based game

Size is about 635MB

Download Link:-

6)God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

Full on action game with tons of cool bosses & enemies, hack & slash your way

Size is about 1.1GB

Download Link:-

7)Ikki Tousen

Currently in japanese language, classic style game based on anime 

Size is about 335MB

Download Link:-

8)Bakugan Battle Brawler

Control your monster & crush your enemies, you can fly/shoot fireball/do your special moves & combos to defeat the enemies

Size is about 715MB

Download Link:-

9)Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

You can switch between characters in real time, each had it’s own unique abilities.

Size is about 1.4GB

Download Link:-

10)Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Third person shooter where you play as a soldier

Control might be little tough to aim but you’ll get use it 

Size is about 1.4GB

Download Link:-

11)SpiderMan 3

Crawl/jump/fly/shoot webs, save citizens & complete through all the missions

Size is about 1.3GB

Download Link:-

12)Ghost Rider

Based on movie ghost rider! hack & slash game kinda like god of war/Dante’s inferno

Size is about 700MB

Download Link:-


Brawler game that covers the event as same the movie

Size is about 1.5GB

Download Link:-

14)Resistance Retribution

Shoot though monster, visuals are really good

aim assist lock is available which will help you while playing the game in emulator

Size is about 1.35GB

Download Link:-

15)Tenchu Shadow Assasin

Assassin based game, hide/kill through enemies to reach your destination without getting noticed

Size is about 535MB

Download Link:-

16)X Men Legends 2

Another aop down action game based on movie!

You can also switch between characters in here 

Size is about 100MB

Download Link:-

17)SOCOM 3

Tacticial shooter game, you can order you squad to move & go wherever you desire 

Autolock aim is available 

Size is about 900MB

Download Link:-

Thanks for reading! Do check my other post you might some cool games to play!