Top 14 PPSSPP Games which runs on 60FPS For Android

Best games that runs perfectly on ppsspp emulator with 60FPS & smooth audio for android & windows

Let see 1 by 1

1)Def Jam Fight For NY

Hip-Hop influenced 3D Action fighting game!

Use Grapple/slam/combos/rage mode & finish your opponent

Size of the game is about 480MB

Download Links:-

2)Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead man’s chest

Game based on the movie!

Play as your favourite character jack defeat all the pirates & complete the mission 

Size of the game is about 313MB

Download Links:-

3)Dead To Right Reckoning

Third person shooter game!

You can also slow Mo just like in max payne

Size of the game is about 100MB

Download Links:-

4)Dragon Ball Z Shin budkoi 2

Second part of the DBZ shin budkoi

This game will work in every device I remembered playing DBZ shin budkoi on my device with 256mb ram lol yes such device exist, game was slow but still used to work! I loved it back then & still do

Size of the game is about 540MB

Download Links:-

5)Tales Of Eternia

One of the best rpg on psp 

Game sets in a fantasy world of young hunter with your friends you meetĀ  a mysterious girl with a unknown language & from there your adventure begins..

Battles are real time

Size of the game is about 530MB

Download Links:-

6)Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Fighting game with pixel art style

So many cool character & flashy skills you’ll love it

Size of the game is about 604MB

Download Links:-

7)Locoroco Midnight Carnival

A relaxing adventure platformer game!

Simple controls just press L & R to move left & right

Locoroc 1 & 2 are also available

Size of the game is about 155MB

Download Links:-

8)Spiderman Web Of Shadows

2d adventure action game!

You can also swing/crawl through walls 

This game showed black screen for me at first on skip buffer rendering mode but when I choose my previous saved file it worked fine so it might be problem with the new update & if I choose buffer rendering it slows a bit with graphic problem so If you have low spec device I’ll suggest to skip this one

Size of the game is about 282MB

Download Links:-

9)Power Stone Collection

Really fun fighting game by capcom!

You can even throw objects at your opponent & if you gather 3 power stone you’ll transform

Size of the game is about 305MB

Download Links:-

10)Indiana Jones & The Staff Of Kings

One of the best Adventure game of psp

Solve through different puzzle uncover secrets

hand to hand combat or use your gun, you can even throw objects

Size of the game is about 346MB

Download Links:-

11)Ghost Rider

Based on the movie full on action game

As you progress forward you can gain/upgrade your unique skills

Size of the game is about 674MB

Download Links:-

12)Tekken 6

One of the best Fighting game, developed by by bandai namco

Enjoy the thrilling fights

Size of the game is about 700MB

Download Links:-

13)X Men Legends ll

Action role playing game

Play as your favourite Character from the movie create squad & You can switch between in real timeĀ 

Size of the game is about 900MB

Download Links:-

14)Miami Vice

3rd person action shooter

You have to aim your target manually they do have laser sight (no auto aim available)

Doesn’t take much space & game is fun works on 60 fps no lags & perfect audio

Size of the game is about 214MB

Download Links:-

Thanks for watching! Do check my other post you might find some cool games to play ( I usually post beta/asian beta games in my list)