Top 13 PPSSPP Games For Android/Windows part 9 + Links

more runnable PPSSPP games let see 1 by 1

1)Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus:-

A cool fighting game With over 25 character to choose from

size is about 605MB

Download Link:-

2)Pac Man World Rally:-

Classic fun racing game

Size is about 217MB

Download Link:-

3)Def Jam Fight For Ny:-

Hip-hop influenced 3D Action fighting game

Size is about 500MB

Download link:-


A game based on the film with same name, alot of action & cool missions

Size is about 833MB

Download link:-

5)Persona 3 Portable:-

you’re a high school student doing investigation you can’t freely walk in the game all you can is do is point & click with all choices to choose from

Size is about 1GB

Download link:-

6)Toy Story 3:-

Game based on Pixar film, help the buzz, woddy & rest of the toys in this adventurous game

Size is about 172MB

Download Link:-

7)Brave Story New Traveler:-

A game based on anime & manga Brave Story

Cool rpg with turn based Battles

Size is about 153MB

Download Link:-

8)Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sand:-

cool platformer game with alot of action

Size is about 500MB

Download Link:-

9)Pursuit Force:-

a combat vehciular game, you can jump on enemy cars & gain access to it

Size is about 960MB

Download link:-

10)Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advnace Warfare 2

A third person shooter game, controls you might find little tough as it requires L & R but overall nice game

Size is about 650MB

Download Link:-

11)Ikki Tousen Eloquent Fist:-

Anime based fighting game, you can switch between charcaters, language is currently in japanese

Size is about 223MB

Download Link:-

12)Locoroco 2

A platformer adventure game with cool relaxing music

Size is about 1.5GB

Download Link:-

13)Kurohyo Ryu Ga Gotaku:-

Game currently only in Japanese language, it’s like yakuza & fights are like Def jam with much more skills

Size is About 1GB

Download Link:-

Hope you find the list useful! Do check my other post you might find some cool games to play