Tom & Jerry New Multiplayer Mobile Game + Download Link

A new mobile game of the legendary cartoon show tom is jerry lands on chinese appstore & taptap

Colorful characters, fancy props, classic scenes, join the cat and rat to escape, enjoy the joy of catching and escaping!

This game is published by NetEase

A new joyful interactive gameplay that perfectly restores childhood animated classics and takes you back to a happy childhood

It’s 1 vs 4 online multiplayer game, 4 player will turn into a mischievous Jerry to carry the cheese, or play the sly Tom and play with the little mice while 1 will be tom which will of course catch them’

Bedroom, back garden, kitchen, study…8 different rooms make up the fun of cats and rats, and many familiar scenes will open the door of your memories instantly

Playing Jerry, transporting cheese under Tom’s eyes to escape; incarnation of Tom, rewriting it will never catch Jerry’s “tragic” fate! Tom’s stupidity, Jerry’s naughty and tricky, have been interpreted vividly. Carrying cheese, tidying each other, and saving teammates..

As Tom Jerry in the animation uses various gadgets to rectify each other, in the room where the game is located, there are 30+ different kinds of props scattered around. The fork on the table, the ice in the refrigerator, the photo frame on the wall, can be a weapon for spoofing opponents! Find them and mess with your friends!

Jumping, sliding, hiding, clever use of terrain and opponents; many props scattered in the scene, are the favorite of the whole person; drink a colorful magical drink, add a buff to the battle! Fun chasing infinite possibilities..

Total size of the game is 787mb


Language chinese but easy to figure out, might lag a little because of ping




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