Tom Clancy’s The Division Coming for Mobile

Today Ubisoft announced that game will be coming for mobile devices

they said Along with their new game division heartland , they are also working on mobile version of Tom Clancy’s divison but more info will be provided in later dates

after apex legends now the division is coming well it’s not even suprise.. so many cool anticipated game it feels real good that big companies are now checking on mobile games..

This will be second TC game, first one was ‘tom Clancy’s elite Squad which was turn based lol.. but considering they have properly mentioned they want Tom Clancy division to be enjoyed by wider audience (mobile) so we can can expect it won’t be same!

If it’s exact port I just hope they properly take time to optimize it.. this game will be definitely worth the wait

For now they haven’t provided any more info/trailer about the game, stay tuned with my yt channel I’ll keep you updated

If you want to read the news source:-

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