The Seven Deadly Sins Game on Android Now

The seven deadly sins: The Battle Of Light & Darkness game available for mobile devices

The japanese version is out & global version will be coming soon

so this game is based on real anime named as nanatsu no taizai in japanese ( 七つの大罪 ) so in case if you guys dont know about let me give a short little introduction about the anime so you can understand whats the game is all about

The anime is based on 7 main characters named as seven deadly sins once who saved kingdom but they got blamed as criminal those members got seprated after years elizabeth the queen of kingdom make his mind to find those sins she trust that those can save the kingdom once again, on her way to find those she dressed as a holy knight so no one figuring me out in her way she met the king of those 7 deadly sins so this goes all along while they try to gather & find all member while holy knights appose them as they are condemn as criminals its journey which leads to stopping demons & the rise of holy war at the end really interesting anime

so if you got idea about the anime game follows the same story its a turn based rpg though with gacha type animations are really fluid, character with orignal costumes you can try your favourite one.

battle system is based on skills all the strategic assmble of characters & the order of activating those skills]

you can team up with friends defeat the boss in real time multi competitive content where you can play with somone together

got ar function to take photos of your favourite character & this game works on portrait mode if you know the anime you will love the game definitely worth to check it out

game is currenly availble in japanese & korean version for both android & ios



JP version-