Soulworker Zero New MMO Action RPG For Android & iOS + Download Links

A new anime style action mmo rpg which is available for english language now

6 characters to choose from each has its own unique fighting style

 Unique characters and luxury graphics in one place!

Gorgeous direction and dynamic motion!

“Survival Mode”- Achieve the highest score within time limit

“PvP mode”- Win various competitions to earn rewards!

“Raid”-Join forces with 3 people to defeat the boss, Timing and control are a must!

“World Boss”-Eliminate World Boss and earn rewards within the time limit!

 Over 100 PvE dungeons and episodic bosses awaits

After battling through the AI, guilds and players can then face one another in the extensive PvP zone. A unique emotion system with moods such as vengeance, madness, euphoria or sadness define the characters’ abilities. 

Size is 1.3GB



Android (English Version)-

iOS (Korean Version)-