Payday crime yes it got new beta now softlauched again on some particular countries so in case if you guys have missed this is your chance to try it out

Payday was first released on consoles & pc back in 2011 & it got announced soon to get lauched in mobile device first beta was available back in 2018 which i got my hands on & believe me its definitely one of the best FPS shooter game on mobile so many of you peeps missed the beta so this is your time to try out the game now its 2nd beta got up a day before on playstore & appstore

so lets talk about the game incase you dont know there are two factions in the game a pack of robbers & on opposite side to stop them police officers when you enter game it randomly puts you in either one, robber job is to break the safe & kill the officers while those willl stop them it has time limit who does the job done first wins the match simple this game is totally a team death match

about the gameplay control are super fluid like it wont give any problem works flawlessly & the graphics though man its like next gen one

As you can see by pictures game takes place in a bank its a 4 vs 4 match you gotta battle as heisters & enforcers

you can play with your friends easy to find through id or with random players, there are multiple charcters with unique skills unlock them customize your weapons,assets & ability as your style

A mobile game definitely worth to check on 2019

Dowload links:-

its softlauched on particular countries like slovakia so you might or may not see it in your playstore/appstore but you can use vpn to change your playstore region & download the game & enjoy

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