Ni No kuni : Cross World’s Mobile Anime MMORPG Info + Links

New Anime Mmorpg by Netmarble getting soon release for mobile devices!

Story goes like you have participated in a virtual game called ‘soul drivers’ as you progress you learn this is the real world.. in there you meet a girl name ‘rania’ & learn about her mission.. fighting all the mighty enemies & rebuilding the destroyed kingdom,Can the two world conmected can be saved from the crisis of destruction?!

There will be 5 classes including swordman, witch, destroyer, rogue & engineer with decent customization

Battle will be real time hack & slash type

there are over like 100 familiars each with his own skills & attributes it’ll support you throughout the battles

Game also have PvP

Players can also pick up objects & animals like lamb (you can steal them from different guilds…)

*Currently expected to release this year for japan, south korea & Taiwan maybe global soon after that… I’ll keep you guys updated

How to Pre-Register:-

*you’ll require vpn use japan or korean vpn (I used solo vpn & connected to japan) then follow above link

After that press the first black option, then it’ll ask for email id – password (use your Netmarble account)

In case you don’t have Netmarble account put random mail & password then it’ll show up new new page where you have to put in the same password & mail again

Then press the E-mail option it’ll send a verification link to that particular mail click on it & it’s verified

Then go back at the starting login page enter the current mail id & password that’ll lead you to last step

Just enter you preferred name & done now you have Pre-Registered for early acces it’ll sent you mail after beta is open or release

I’ll keep you guys updated through my youtube channel!