open world games have been always one of the most likeable gaming genre, well who doesn’t like to free roam around the place whenever feel bored with missions & stuff so I’m here to showcase you guys some of the newest open world games which got released this year 2019

so lets get on those game one by one

*games not rankwise

1)Nimian Legends: Vaindgels

A really beautiful sequel of the previous game great atmosphere lovely places to visit on this fantasy world. explore those places or follow story mode great dynamic weather & day night cyles such a great relaxing game definitely worth to download

game is still under test & only available in ios for now but android version will be coming too

yes its playable offline so no need of internet connetction

game size about 300mb

Dowload link:-



A survival multiplayer game by netease & top of that is open world how cool is that

Graphics look amazing game like this shows how far mobile gaming has came up, in this game you basically gotta survive by any means gather resources help your friends work on together kill zombies but also beware about other survivor who might attack you just to look

game requires internet connection

size about 1,5gb

Download link:-



3)Z Shelter Survival

Another surival game which is open world + multiplayer

its a zombie survival game where you got build, craft, gather & survive it has top down view, you can travel different place but remember you die you lose better always have your friends around to cooperate & surive

size is over 350mb & requires internet connection to play

Download link:-

4)Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

so long awaited mmorpg finally lands on mobile still softlauched though

3d look classic artstyle amazing pets mounts & gear also a weather system, detail and engaging game design hold hands, listen to music great mmorpg one should definitely look out for

Requires internet connection

available in asian countries

size over 5gb

Download Link:-



5)Marsus Survival On Mars

Its a new survival game devloped by the same devs who made the galaxy: survivor its survival games on mars where you gotta find resourses to survive find water necessary equipments to live the live in there & survive each day

one of the main thing about this game is it just 7omb size for such graphics & gameplay its like impossible but devs pulled it off thats really nice

this game is playable offline

Download Link:-

6)Last Day Rules:-

Another open world survival games its multiplayer player must find materials for their house & water/food to live on even if it means to kill other player & survive you can craft all the requirements its a multiplayer you will find tons of other player who will be your enemy you gotta live alone in this vast harsh world

Game is a sandbox type it requires internet connection to play

size is around 400mb

Download Link:-


its a 3d open world fantasy mmorpg this one is english version

join a guild & battle a large scale huge world mmorpg like never seen before there is conflict between two of the main forces you gotta choose one & follow the oath

real great charcter customization console qualtiy graphics fast & dynamice movements

it does have autoplay & genderlock

it requires internet connection to play

game size is about 1.9gb

Download Link:-



8)Mabinogi Fantasy Life

A fantasy mmorpg with anime like characters

it all the classes that is needed & almost everything that requires in a mmorpg this s really a great port but currently its only available in chinese version

cooking, fishing, master of tailoring, growing vegetables, shearing wool & milking you can do it all

really nice relaxing mmorpg definitely worth to check

got good customization every thing you need in a good mmorpg hard to see such game in mobile

game requires internet connection

size is around 800mb

Download Link:-



9)Utopia Origins

this one is globally released you can download directly from your playstore/appstore

game is about a survial again in these are dinosaurs you can cook, build, craft the way you want play with your friends together to build something big cooperate & survive. game got good cartoonish style graphics controls are flawless there is day & night cycle too.

little demons, skeletons walking around at night so better watch out

A cool fantasy game to check on

Game requires internet connection to play

size is around 410mb

Download link:-



10)Naruto Slugfeast

finally an open world anime mmorpg game & its an offical licenced game

A naruto game that is open world & multiplayer how cool is that game got 4 different character to choose from.. graphics are just wow you will love it, battles are really awesome boss are interesting its not that easy type gameplay is well balanced if you are a naruto fan how can you even resist playing this one?!

it does have auto mode & 3d or top view as preffered

Game requires internet connection to play

size is almost 1.5gb

Dowload Link:-

hope you guys find my post useful

you can check the above if you wanna see any of those gameplays