Lovelive! School Idol Festival All Stars Android & iOS Info + Download Links

A new idol Dancing Game currently only in japanese & Korean language, global version will be available soon

Consist of 27 schools idols with all new story

A private high school named nijigasaki gakuen, one day the main character (you) get shocked seeing the performance of Muse & aqua from that onwards you anime of school idol festival & the story behind

Scenes are completely reproduced by 3D Live, all songs are from famous tv animes & theme

Formation dance can also be done

you have to press those circles at point there will different type as usual like holding/swipe accordingly

As new members join in you have to understand their worries/problem & encourage them, by raising the members you will not only be active more in live performance’s but also will acquire new costumes to choose from

Size of the game is about 3.61GB

Download Links:-

Japanese version

Android- Either use vpn & download from japanese playstore):-

Or or

iOS- (Set your country to Japanese & download):-

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