Honkai Impact 3rd Devs announced a new open world rpg named genshin impact + Pre-register link

So a new game by the most loved action rpg honkai 3rd devs has announced genshin impact by the looks of trailer it looks an open world rpg games.

An open world games by mihoyo you can expect the quality of animation + gameplay it would be mind blowing as it is, game shows a fantasty world with different characters where you can explore in this magical place, anime lover will love this one.

Lets talk about gameplay battle system looks exactly as honkai impact + open world just how cool is that?! hack & slash type you got long range weapons like bow & arrow too i have posted some pics these are real gameplay one

As we can see in the trailer seems like we can fly/climb through bushes & swim in this world wow some next gen stuff right there, a game that can rival oceanhorn 2 well both are upcoming so it will amazing to see how these both game perfom as they have relased the trailer & beta you can pre-register we could expect the game to be lauch within this year or next should be close

game is currently under pre-registration for beta just go through this link & sign up to get your hands on it first


you can watch full trailer in that website