Dragons Raja MMORPG English Version info + Links

A New fantasy MMORPG Published By Zloong I featured the Chinese version before & I told you guys English version is coming real soon, many didn’t believe well there you go now

Game developed in unreal engine 4 I have played almost every MMORPG on mobile (or I atleast know about almost each of em) I can fairly say this one is one of the best looking out there, only that can compete is traha

There wi be 4 classes for now & no gender lock you can change between male/female/lolita

It does offer deep character customization you’ll love it

Mult-dimensional customization for role appearance with unique career system you can choose multiple identities & become whatever you want either chef/superstar or racer

it has huge open world with plenty of plots & scene with multi-endings, your decision based on particular scene will change the whole scenario

Game offers PvP & PvE

Real time combat with upto 100 players on PvP

World boss cross server- war available, you can play with your friends it does have built-in voice chat

Seeing such MMORPG shows how far mobile gaming has came it feels real good

Size of the game is 5.2GB

Release Date 27 February 2020 for US & Europe server

(There won’t be any ip block for other countries if you wanna play)

I have also created a new discord channel for drago raja come join in! You’ll find new players to play & socialize with:-https://discord.gg/ad5Wjtj

Download Links :-

Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zloong.eu.dr.gp

Or https://www.tap.io/app/179772


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