Disorder English Version By Netease Currently in OBT + Download Link


NetEase has been rocking up with battle royale after battle royale games & they keep on impressing, their recent br game called disorder which is available in english language & currently in beta

so lets talk about game, gameplay provides realistic graphics unlike other cartoonish type this one looks amazing & immersive with those different character each of those also got their backstories & factions are present

Alot of character to choose from, each character has its own unique skills you don’t have to pickup stuffs like gun/backpack every character has it own unique riffle/sniper/pistol you just have to find your way to upgrade that gun on game, keep killing the more you kill it will help you upgrade things, total of 100 players with 5 squad each & first to capture the base wins you can kill other squad members in the process. you can also revive your teammates if they get killed

game provides only two modes for now battle royale + regular team match where you can play with friends or other random player in both you have to capture the base with your squad in order to win (there is no solo play for now)

Disorder is currently in beta & available in english you can download directly from above link

Game size is 2.85GB


Dowload link :-

Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.disorder

Or if not available on your country download directly from here