Devil May Cry Mobile Release Android info + Download Links

Devil May Cry mobile beta!

Official DMC game on mobile developed by capcom studio.

Game provides full freedom & flexible in battles

Game has been officially Released in china , seems like they jave reworked & made changes in graphics & story a bit

How to play (bilbili version)

(Guest account only allows like 1 hour after that you need bilbili account its easy to create using your phone number)

Just press the icon below password (lock looking one) option as shown in img, it’ll give you guest login

After you enter make sure you ✓ checkmark on right side & then press play option (there are many servers if it shows up error try another(

This is good enough if you just wanna try the game for a while but you’ll soon be asked for bilbili account

Just head over:-

Translate your country name first through google translate & find it on that page.

Enter your phone number receive the sms code, & login like above img

Remember your phone mumber will be your Id, add that in first column without country code & password in second, it’ll give you login

*it might ask to captcha after that pls use google translate

After that it’ll ask for chinese id & name

Head over to this site:-

Then copy paste name in 1st column & id in second that’s it, it’ll give you login after that

*Make sure you ✓ on right side after that

Size is about 7GB

Download Links:-


Because It’ll ask for chinese number if you download from official site or taptap


(Just press the blue icon flashing)

iOS:- (it’ll require chinese number so dont download for now & wait for global version)

Thanks for reading \ do check out videos you’ll find a lot of games of you’re type.