Devil May Cry Android download links + info!

Devil May Cry mobile final beta!

Official DMC game on mobile developed by capcom studio.

Game provides full freedom & flexible in battles

Currently only in Chinese language & size about 7.7GB

Game is expected release for china in June 11 & as it has English voice over/subtitles we can expect they are also planning for global version right after that.

*Don’t download from taptap it’ll ask for chinese number

How to Login:- simply follow the above images

If you can’t load the img, just press the 3rd icon in row on left side which is right after the second blank section & above the blue letters

After that simple reassign those chinese letters as shown on top page in ascending order

Thats it! Just press the X after that & you can login!

Download Link:- *just press the blue icon

*Remember link will probably only show uptill tomorrow i.e 26th march after that they’ll probably stop)

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