Code Name: Live Android & iOS info + Links

A new mmo survival game coming on mobile devices both Android & iOS

This game is powered by unreal engine 4 & developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio if you played pubg you would know them..

To get you basic idea this game will be like LifeAfter

In terms of graphics this one look Better

As regular survival you can build your homes & camp in here, woods & stone are always visible to collect in addition there would be alot of rare plants, animals, metals & different materials you need to look on

There is a vital sign monitor to view all types of human body physiological index, immunity declines, falls, injuriee, disease & infection as body is abnormal state the detector will send you alarm reminding you that

Game has PvP, bosses , co-op missions. Survivors dies you can loot boxes can be occupied by others

You can drive Vehicles

while there is no official release date yet mentioned but there was a cbt test in between so you can expect game is not that far from release

Links:- for now you can pre-register in the above link :-

Follow in there so you don’t miss the release or beta

Game is from tencent so expect a WeChat or qq for login

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