All New Hero Academia mmo Action RPG Game On Android & iOS + LINKS

A new anime game hero academia finally getting on mobile device its official now

It’s an anime game which follows the story of a boy who wanna be a superhero, faces many difficulties throughout but never gives up & always giving his best to defeat all the villain’s

About the characters in game it has all the mainstream including midoriya/bakugo/todoroki of course all might and other heroes & you can assemble your own team in there, it’s a new game you can look forward for more things to come.

Judging by the cbt it really provides all good animation & special moves like detroit smash, also follow the the anime storyline (atleast the starting part part…)

Full on action with PvP & all their anime based special moves – dialogues definitely a game to worth check on

About the download its on taptap /qooapp as always you can pre-register right now cbt just recently got over so you gotta wait a while, currently just CN version no announcement about English but such game you can expect it won’t be that far from global release after cn

Android/iOS- Pre-Register apk link:- (they removed the game for a while, this link will work in future)

official webiste if you wanna look on trailer it’s in there:-

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